Bouwnummer RDM-194, s.s. “Benakat”, 1935, tanker.

Foto boven: De tanker s.s. “Benakat” (1935) van N.V. Petroleum Maatschappij “La Corona” te Den Haag.

Scheepswerf: RDM. 
Opdrachtgever: N.V. Nederlandsche Koloniale Tankvaart Maatschappij, ’s Gravenhage / N.V. Petroleum Maatschappij “La Corona”, Den Haag. 
Tonnage: 4763 brt, 2665 nrt, 6005 dwt, 9170 twvp. 
Hoofdafmetingen: Loa = 115,62 m, Lll = 111,45, B = 19,65 m, H = 5,51 m, d = 5,06 m. 
Voortstuwing: 2 RDM triple expansie machines, 3 cilinders, 2×1150 ipk, 2 schroeven, 2070 apk, snelheid 11 kn. 
Verdere gegevens: Roepletters: PCZT. 
Dubbelschroef stoomtankschip, 12 ruimen, 2 lieren en 1 verhaallier. IDNo: 5608189. 

Kiellegging op 28-3-1935, tewaterlating op 17-8-1935 en indienststelling op 14-9-1935. 
Op 20-5-1943, tijdens een reis van Kaapstad naar Baltimore, op de Atlantische Oceaan getorpedeerd door de Duitse onderzeeboot “U 197”. Daarna gezonken op locatie 06°05′ ZB en 12°56′ WL. 

–, Allen Tony, 02-11-2007: 
… … “Benakat” SS was a Dutch Steam Tanker of 4,763 tons built in 1935. On the 20th May 1943 when on route from TABLE BAY for BAHIA in ballast she was torpedoed by “U 197” and sunk. Crew of 44 saved. … … 
–, Vleggeert Nico, 22-06-2008: 
… … The “Benakat” (Master C.J. Grootes) left Capetown in a coastal convoy which was formed in the Table Bay, but left after three days to continue her voyage on the prescribed route to the destination. On 14 May, 1943 the Admiralty radioed a new course. At 07.28 hours on 20 May she was struck by a torpedo from “U 197” on the starboard side, just before the bridge. The explosion caused very heavy damage, wrecked the starboard lifeboat and destroyed the starboard machinegun-platform, injuring the first and fourth mate (not seriously). 
After the hit no electric power was left, so the distress signal could only be send a few times. The ship began to list to starboard, and with some difficulty the crew succeeded in boarding the three remaining lifeboats and rowed away. About 20 minutes later a second torpedo hit the “Benakat” on the starboard side and broke her in two. The bow section sank and the stern remained afloat. The U-boat surfaced and fired with the deck gun at the port side of the vessel until the stern sank. … …

– Opdracht / Nieuwe namen / Te water gelaten / Proeftocht / Nieuwe schepen, Het Schip: 194-HS.pdf
– Opdracht / Tewaterlatingen / Proeftochten, Schip en Werf: 194-S&W.pdf.

Stadsarchief Rotterdam.
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– Auke Visser
– Archief Piet Holswilder – Maassluis.